Welcome to the GLITTH Initiative

The GLITTH Initiative is a joint effort between the Midwest U.S. and Canada to leverage assets of the shared region and capitalize on the connectivity between them. These assets include the Great Lakes, supply chain infrastructure, world class universities, land and agricultural resources, and industry strengths such as advanced manufacturing. At the core of this effort is multifaceted network that is motivated to see this regional partnership refine their assets to become an economic force in today's global economy. Members of the GLITTH network share information and connect resources to advance regional business investment, job creation, environmental sustainability, and economic vitality.

Example Focus Point: There is immense freight traffic to and from the Port of Halifax through the Detroit and Port Huron gateways. These two crossings, when combined, make southeast Michigan the largest international trade gateway in the country, yet only 6% of that traffic stops in the state. A freight hub near these crossings would give reason for the freight to make a stop in Michigan, through both direct and indirect means, and create over 66,000 jobs in the larger region.